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Deep water culture sounds like an exciting adventure, and it is… Especially If you’re enthusiastic about the most efficient methods of growing plants! As the term suggests, the plants grow in water without any growing media.

Growing vegetables and other plants without soil is a process that has been around for centuries. Hydroponics is firmly rooted in the history of food production.

Deep water culture is proven to produce faster growth and higher yields than plants grown in soil. This is because in DWC the plants are constantly sat in water & nutrient with air being bubbled in each pot from a external air pump also!

If you think about it, all plants need are air, water, nutrients, and light to grow. It’s been proven that plants grown using the DWC method grow faster and produce higher yields than plants grown in any type of soil. The Pots also have no growing media in, this greatly benefits the roots giving them a lot more space to grow in to.

UK Hydroponic Experts

Useful Information

Most plants are happiest in water temperatures ranging from 17-21ºC. If water temperatures rise above this, you can start to suffer root disease. These temperatures can be difficult to achieve especially during peak summer.

A simple way to combat this is to add a chiller to the system, by adding a chiller this gives you complete control over the temperature of the solution in your system. Simply set the temperature you would like the water in the system at and the chiller will take care of the rest! This will eliminate any cause for concern of root disease due to the water temperature. Our advice is to keep the temperature constant and the let the plants do their thing!
Another useful tip is to keep the PH between 5.5 and 6.5 Vegetative growth responds best when the PH is between 6.0 and 6.3 whilst flowering and fruiting prefer 5.7 to 6.0. By monitoring and adjusting PH levels correctly you’ll be ensuring optimum availability of the minerals and nutrients the plant needs.
The best thing about having a recirculating DWC system is the nutrient solution recirculates around, balancing out any changes in PH and EC across the system. Recirculating systems like ours also allow you to check and adjust nutrient solution in just one bucket which should give an accurate reading of what is going on across the whole systems, this is much easier than having to deal with multiple reservoirs.

UK Hydroponic Experts

Maintenance and Monitoring

Aside from monitoring water temperature, and testing the pH of the water, you’ll also need to check the water level. We would recommend doing a complete water change every 10-14 days to keep everything nice and clean and again eliminate any problems that could occur.

Whatever your requirements, you can trust our friendly team to point you in the right directions. For Bubble Post Systems, Hydroponic Nutrients, Accessories and spares shop online, or get in touch today.

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